Metering,Pumps,Neptune Chemical Pump,Walchem Corporation,Stenner Pump

Metering Pumps - E Series From Walchem Corporation

Metering,Pumps,Neptune Chemical Pump,Walchem Corporation,Stenner PumpE Series Metering Pumps

Walchem and Iwaki combined their talents to design the most innovative and comprehensive metering pump product line in the world. With over 50 years of combined pump experience, in an array of different markets, the Iwaki-Walchem partnership leverages our strengths to exceed even our toughest customer expectations. Committed to new product development, our products are innovative and revolutionary. A perfect example is the EK pump - the first waterproof IP67 metering pump in the world.

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Adjustable Output Metering Pumps - 45M5 Classic Series From Stenner

Metering,Pumps,Neptune Chemical Pump,Walchem Corporation,Stenner PumpSingle Head Adjustable Output Metering Pump

Stenner’s adjustable metering pumps are built with three detachable components: the motor, feed rate control, and pump head. Outputs are dependent upon three factors: the rpm of the motor gears, the percentage setting on the feed rate control, and the size of the peristaltic pump tube. All Stenner metering pumps have a 3-point roller design in the pump head, which acts as a check valve to prevent back flow, siphoning, overdosing and loss of prime.

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Economical Metering Pumps From Neptune Chemical Pump Company Inc

Metering,Pumps,Neptune Chemical Pump,Walchem Corporation,Stenner PumpSeries 500-E offers an economical alternate to the standard Series 500 "dia-PUMP" or an opportunity to "step-up" from packed plunger pumps to a true hydraulic diaphragm pump at a modest cost increment.

Features and Benefits
• Capacity to 18 gph (68 lph); Pressure to 1100 psi (77 kg/cm2)

• Available liquid end materials: Cast Iron, 316SS, PVC, Kynar®

• Variable Oil By-pass™ stroke adjustment allows improved valve performance over variable linkage designs.

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